Our mission is to empower and equip the people of Africa by providing global opportunities and partnerships that foster a greater sense of dignity and peaceful living through education, comprehensive healthcare, social and community development, economic empowerment, modern technology and agricultural improvements.

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Life for Africa Initiatives

Educational Assistance
StudentsThe Educational Assistance Initiative (EAI) promotes literacy among the most disadvantaged groups in Africa.  LFA's Educational Assistance Initiative works to preserve culture through reading and writing in local languages as well as adopted national languages such as English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.  Our goal is to encourage students to strive in math and science, studies important to enhancing the quality of human life through education, business, healthcare and technology.  It is our purpose to facilitate cooperation and dialogue between African professionals and students and those of the international community in order to produce relevant and productive educational programs.

Healthcare Improvements
African HealthOur Healthcare Improvements Initiative (HII) works to establish strategic relationships and coordinate efforts to initiate effective medical treatment and preventive health education where not available. We strive to facilitate prompt delivery of medical supplies and equipment related to healthcare that have been entrusted to Life For Africa. Previous donations include ambulances, incubators, first aid materials, mosquito nets, etc. We also give opportunities for health professionals to serve in mission trips around the continent of Africa. One of the major goals for LFA is to help create dialogue between international and African healthcare professionals.

Social and Community Development Initiative
The Social and Community Development Initiative SCDI) is to provide a medium for conversation and cultural exchange between international professionals/students and the people of Africa . We have created programs such as cultural exchange trips where students and professionals from around the world can visit Africa to serve, experience the culture, and share ideas, skills and expertise.

Economic Development
The Economic Development initiative (EDI) of Life For Africa is to provide assistance by creating programs that will inspire and motivate African youth toward financial stability and economic independence.

Technology Education Initiative
Technology Initiative The Technology Education Initiative (TEI) is to advance computer literacy. Since technology has become a primary factor in global progression and competitiveness, fluency in computer literacy is a necessity for both professionals and students.




Library Initiative
As part of our efforts to promote reading and writing skills among the Ghanaian children, specifically the Se (Shai) region, we are launching this special project.  

One of our goals as an initiative is to promote community-wide access to reading materials and computer technology that will foster increased thirst for learning and education.  Schools as well as students in Ghana do not have the resources available to purchase books nor computers.

Your contribution in this effort will allow Life for Africa to provide needed items such as vocational materials, shelving, books, desks, reading and computer tables, audio-visual equipment and computers.  Kindly make your donation on PayPal or one of the other listed sources.

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